About The Law Office Of Scott C. Thomas

Scott C ThomasIf your livelihood and liberty hinge on the verdict in a criminal trial, you could benefit from the dedicated legal assistance of a former prosecutor who — as your defense attorney — anticipates the government's arguments and responds accordingly, on your behalf.

In Santa Ana and Orange County, that tenacious trial lawyer is Scott C. Thomas.

Representation that is this solid, this supportive, gives you confidence wherever the legal system takes you: from arrest, investigation, arraignment and indictment to plea bargaining or the positive trial verdict we always seek. The Law Office of Scott C. Thomas stands by you — every step of the way.

There is no felony or misdemeanor charge that he cannot handle. Whether you are facing potentially life-changing allegations of violent crimes or drug crimes, sex offenses or financial crimes, Scott C. Thomas offers full-service, client-focused protection of your rights.

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