Criminal Defense

Scott C ThomasA criminal arrest, especially on felony charges, can turn a life upside down, ruin a reputation and put the defendant at serious risk for long-range punishments.

With so much at stake, if you face allegations of a violent crime, drug charge, sex crime, white collar financial crime or DUI/DWI, there is no substitute for having an experienced criminal defense attorney standing by to represent your interests.

Throughout Orange County, the skilled lawyer, aggressive advocate and wise adviser who can help is Scott C. Thomas, founder of the Law Office of Scott C. Thomas in Santa Ana.

The additional benefit of working with Scott is his background as a prosecutor. This special kind of experience allows him to anticipate and frustrate strategies from opposing counsel who would convict and severely punish you. He investigates, negotiates and litigates with equal proficiency. At the end of the process, you can be confident that your rights were fully protected.

The Southern California Defense Attorney Who Stands By You, Every Step Of The Way

You can depend on Scott C. Thomas for attentive representation after an arrest for a:

  • Violent crime such as aggravated assault, armed robbery and domestic violence
  • Drug charges, including trafficking, possession, cultivation, importation and manufacture
  • Sex offenses, meaning rape, molestation, prostitution and internet solicitation of a minor
  • Financial crimes such as many different kinds of fraud, embezzlement, extortion and money laundering
  • Juvenile crimes against property, disturbing the peace, shoplifting and underage drinking
  • DUI/DWI charges against first-time and repeat offenders that threaten a driver's license

Scott C ThomasYour need to speak with a responsive criminal defense lawyer is urgent. Don't delay in calling or emailing the Law Office of Scott C. Thomas. Our law firm provides solid support throughout the legal process.