When Anger Becomes Violence

Every couple — and every family — has disagreements from time to time, and it's not unusual for these disagreements to cause anger and other stressful emotions for everyone involved. But if that anger boils over and becomes domestic violence, it's a violation of the law that transforms a private dispute into a long and complicated interaction with police officers and the court system.

If violence did occur, the Law Office of Scott C. Thomas will stand up for you to ensure that the consequences are not disproportionate to the offense. Attorney Scott C. Thomas is committed to both your immediate legal interests and your long-term success. In addition to minimizing criminal penalties for our clients, we also care about the safety of our clients and their family members, and whenever possible we try to design legal strategies that preserve your relationships with the people you care about.

Make The Most Of The Available Evidence

All too often, people are accused of domestic abuse without evidence. When two people can be heard yelling next door, a well-intentioned neighbor or passer-by may assume that violence is imminent, and they will pass on their assumptions when they call the police. This triggers a long chain of events that can make life more difficult for everyone involved: police have a strong incentive to arrest someone once domestic violence has been alleged, and prosecutors will of course do their best to prove the charges.

The Law Office of Scott C. Thomas will force prosecutors to present concrete evidence. No one should have to spend time in jail or suffer other consequences if they have been wrongly accused.

Get Your Family Life Back On Track

Domestic abuse has a special stigma that makes it hard for many people to talk about, but everyone deserves his or her day in court. The Law Office of Scott C. Thomas will tell your side of the story, and it will do everything in its power to help you return to life as usual as soon as possible.

The sooner you speak with a lawyer, the better. To schedule an initial consultation with attorney Scott C. Thomas, call him at 949-945-2085 or send him an email. His office is located in Santa Ana, California.