Drug Charges

Scott C ThomasA guilty verdict in a criminal trial for methamphetamine manufacture or heroin trafficking can put you in prison for years. It will drain your bank accounts, separate you from your family, and severely damage your personal and professional reputation.

You can avoid a criminal record as a felon, a blemish that will never go away, by reaching out to the most effective, exceptional criminal defense attorney you can find in Orange County — preferably an accomplished former prosecutor who knows how prosecutors think, and can stay one step ahead of them, to your benefit.

In Santa Ana, that dedicated advocate for your rights and future is Scott C. Thomas, founder of the Law Office of Scott C. Thomas.

Scott is a defense lawyer with years of trial experience and the record for results to go with it. You can trust him to defend your interests at every stage of the justice system. He knows how to investigate, negotiate and litigate in ways that can put your crisis behind you, and return your life to normal.

Standing By You, Every Step Of The Way, Inside And Outside Of The Courtroom

Were you the victim of a warrantless search of your home or motor vehicle by law enforcement, planted evidence or a coerced confession, leading to an arrest for one of these drug crimes?

  • Possession
  • Trafficking
  • Sale and delivery
  • Importation
  • Cultivation
  • Manufacture
  • Smuggling
  • Drug paraphernalia

Criminal conviction for any of these felony drug charges in California can stop your life on a dime. So you should not surrender to that bleak outcome without a fight. Also, you should not speak to police until you have talked with the Law Office of Scott C. Thomas.

Let's hear your side of what happened. That's what your initial consultation is for. To discuss your meth charges, heroin charges or possession of a controlled substance charge, contact us today by phone or email message. Our number is 949-945-2085.