First Time DUI and DWI Charges?

As your lawyer, Scott C. Thomas represents first-offense DUI clients, repeat offenders and motorists dealing with revoked licenses. He can also participate in cases of alcohol-related traffic accidents that cause serious injury and fatalities.

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If you feel that your rights were violated, leading to your arrest, we want to discuss your views in an honest, informative, confidential consultation.

Fighting Against Your DUI and DWI Charges, Start To Finish

A local police or state patrol stop for suspicion of drunk driving shouldn't be the end of the world for anyone — whether it's your first offense or your third.

Too many things can go wrong during a DUI/DWI arrest. Bad weather, an engine malfunction, lousy roads or pre-existing medical condition can contribute to law enforcement's mistaking of erratic driving for impaired driving. Breath test machines can prove to be defective or malfunction. Field sobriety tests often devolve into complex calisthenics attempted in darkness.

These kinds of "reasonable doubt" are prime factors that former prosecutor Scott C. Thomas exploits on behalf of Orange County clients. The Law Office of Scott C. Thomas in Santa Ana, California, is highly experienced at working to reinstate revoked and suspended driver's licenses, discredit police arrest procedures and provide attentive representation for clients at hearings.


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