First Time Probation Violation Charges?

Violating your probation is risky, but it does not have to be a catastrophe. The first step in responding to new charges is contact an attorney and learn more about your options.

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If you feel that your rights were violated, leading to your arrest, we want to discuss your views in an honest, informative, confidential consultation.

Fighting Against Your Probation Violation Charges, Start To Finish

When it comes to criminal sentencing, probation is always preferable to jail time. But while living in your own home, seeing your friends and family, and going to work, it can be easy to forget occasionally that you don't yet have the full freedom you enjoyed before your conviction. These momentary lapses can lead to probation violations that extend the period of probation or even lead to a harsher sentence such as massive fines or time in prison.

To avoid this escalation, it's crucial to work with a skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer. If you have violated probation, the Law Office of Scott C. Thomas can help you minimize the impact of this slip-up on your sentence so that you can complete your probation as soon as possible.


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