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Experienced former Orange County prosecutor Scott C. Thomas, now an effective criminal defense and DUI/DWI defense attorney, protects your rights against serious charges.


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Aggressive Representation From A Former Prosecutor

Fighting Against Your Violent Crime Charges, Start To Finish

An arrest for a violent crime can happen for any number of reasons: wrong place wrong time, the need to defend yourself from an attack, and a case of mistaken identity, just to name a few. Scott C. Thomas uncovers every detail that can support your version of events.

Sex Crime Convictions Are Ruinous For Rights And Reputations

The felony sexual assault, rape or molestation you are accused of could put you behind bars for years, drain your finances with heavy fines and require you to register as a sex offender after being returned to society. When the stakes are this high, Mr. Thomas raises his game, as evidenced in reports about his efforts by local media.

Scott C. Thomas Wants To Hear Your Side Of The Story

If you feel that your rights were violated, leading to your arrest, we want to discuss your views in an honest, informative, confidential consultation. All you have to do is call 949-945-0610, day or night, or stay at our website to reach us by email. But don't delay. Do it today. Prosecutors may be mounting a credible case against you while you are reading this.


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