Aggressively Fighting for You

Scott C. Thomas protects your rights against serious charges.

Anaheim Hills, CA Criminal Defense Lawyer

Scott C. Thomas protects your rights against criminal serious charges.

A Former Prosecuter Aggressively Fighting for You

Scott C. Thomas protects your rights against serious charges.

Anaheim Hills, CA Criminal Defense Lawyer

You’ve been arrested or charged with a crime in Anaheim Hills, California. Now what?

The first step is to contact a criminal defense attorney who can help you navigate the criminal justice system and protect your rights.

Scott C. Thomas is an experienced criminal defense lawyer who has been representing clients in Laguna Niguel, and throughout Orange County for over 12 years. He has a proven track record of success in both jury trials and negotiating favorable plea deals.

If you are facing charges, don’t wait to contact an attorney. The sooner you have legal representation, the better your chances of achieving a favorable outcome in your case. 

Contact Scott C. Thomas today for a free consultation.

An Aggressive Defense Against All Criminal Charges

No matter your charges, Scott C. Thomas is prepared to provide an aggressive defense. He has experience handling all types of criminal cases, including:

Each case is different, and your defense will be tailored to your case’s specific facts and circumstances. Scott C. Thomas will thoroughly investigate your case, review all evidence, and develop an effective defense strategy designed to get you the best possible result.

A Dedicated Advocate for Your Rights

When you are facing criminal charges, it can be a daunting and frightening experience. You may be worried about the potential consequences of a conviction, including jail time, fines, and a criminal record. Scott C. Thomas is here to help put your mind at ease and fight for the best possible outcome in your case. He will explain the charges against you, keep you updated on developments in your case, and answer all of your questions along the way.

You’re Not Just Another Case Number

Every criminal case is unique, and you deserve personalized attention and care. Scott C. Thomas will take the time to get to know you and your case so that he can provide the best possible defense. 

He handles each case himself rather than delegating it to a less experienced attorney or staff member. This ensures that you receive the highest quality legal representation throughout every stage of your case.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

Ask any lawyer, and they’ll tell you that past results do not guarantee future success. However, Scott C. Thomas has a proven track record of success in both jury trials and negotiating favorable plea deals.

With a possible favorable outcome, you can move on with your life and put this experience behind you.

Contact an Orange County, CA Criminal Defense Lawyer Today

Every minute you wait to contact an attorney, you risk your freedom. 

Don’t take chances with your future – contact Scott C. Thomas today for a free consultation. He will review your case and explain your legal options so that you can make informed decisions about how to proceed.

Free Case Evaluation

Orange County, CA Criminal Defense Lawyer – Scott C. Thomas

Experienced former Orange County prosecutor Scott C. Thomas, now an effective criminal felony defense attorney in Santa Ana, protects your rights against serious charges.

With a specialty in first-time felony defense, sex-crime defense, and DUI cases, no stone is left unturned to help you avoid a conviction and a series of harsh punishments.

“I have one goal: to provide clients with zealous legal representation to ensure their rights are not violated and that they are treated fairly before the law, while at the same time providing a shoulder for them to lean on, in their time of need.”

Practice Areas

No matter the nature of your criminal charges, Scott. C. Thomas can assist you through the legal process.

Criminal DefenseCriminal Defense

A criminal arrest, especially on felony charges can turn a life upsidedown, ruin a reputation, and put the defendant at serious risk for long-range punishments.

DUI & DWI DefenseDUI & DWI Defense

A local police or state patrol stop for suspicion of drunk driving shouldn’t be the end of the world for anyone — whether it’s your first offense or your third.

Drug ChargesDrug Charges

A guilty verdict in a criminal trial for methamphetamine manufacture or heroin trafficking can put you in prison for years.

White Collar CrimesWhite-Collar Crimes

Whether you are an executive or a receptionist, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty, and you have a right to your day in court.

Identity TheftFraud & ID Theft

In criminal law, fraud is a very broad category that includes a wide array of actions that many people do not even realize are crimes.

Violent CrimesViolent Crimes

A domestic violence complaint may have started with a “he said, she said” situation. Scott C. Thomas explores every strategy for having your charges reduced or dismissed.

First Time Felony Charges?

With so much at stake, if you face allegations of a violent crime, drug charge, sex crime, white-collar financial crime, or DUI/DWI, there is no substitute for having an experienced criminal defense attorney standing by to represent your interests.

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If you feel that your rights were violated, leading to your arrest, we want to discuss your views in an honest, informative, confidential consultation.

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