Case Won

I hired Scott to help me out with a pretty serious felony strike case. I was looking at months or years in jail. After going to court over and over and requesting documents from the DA, Scott never gave up or stopped fighting for me. He also handled my case for nearly a year and never asked me for a penny more than the retainer we agreed to, even though the case was taking way longer than it should have – Scott is a man of his word.

In the end, Scott got my felony strike reduced to a misdemeanor and I had to do a couple days Caltrans instead of any jail time, so yeah I would say Scott did an amazing job!

Case Dismissed

I had a case where I was caught pretty red-handed with some stuff I shouldn’t have had. I found Scott and gave him a call. He immediately put me at ease and told me that some issues about how the police searched me were jumping out at him. Scott filed a motion to suppress and we had to come back 2 or 3 times, but at the final hearing the DA dismissed my case.

Scott was always super nice to me, always responded to my calls and texts, and was just a really nice guy. He also kicks ass as an attorney and got my case dismissed!

I learned a lot from that case and I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today if I had not called Scott because he literally gave me my life back! Thank you Scott!

Case Won

Scott has helped me over the years with several legal matters and I can attest to the fact that he is knowledgeable, aggressive with the other side when he needs to be, and always professional. I never wondered what was happening as Scott always kept me up-to-date. He knows his stuff and he has never steered me wrong when handling sticky legal issues.

If you’re looking for an attorney who will do everything in his power to help you, who will patiently explain, and re explain, the answers to my many questions, who is meticulous and thoughtful, and who genuinely cares about you and your case, Scott is your man!

Case Dismissed

Scott Thomas is AMAZING! If you or anyone you know finds themselves in trouble, he is the criminal defense lawyer that you want. His record speaks for itself, no testimonial needed, but he was such an amazing lawyer for me that I can’t help but share my experience.

I was arrested for a felony charge on June 4th, 2014. Last week, August 23rd, 2014, just months after my arrest, Scott had my Felony charges dismissed. That’s right, DISMISSED!

Being arrested was one of the scariest things that has ever happened to me. Before this, I had never even been pulled over for speeding, and now I’m facing Felony charges! WTF? I was panicking. The only thing scarier than being arrested, was the thought of being a convicted felon. I was freaking out.

A friend referred me, and after just one telephone conversation he was able to put me at ease, and I hired him on the spot.

Scott held my hand through every step of the process. He made himself available to me at all hours of day and night, literally. As a matter of fact, he gave me such spectacular personal attention that I felt as if I was his only client. So even though I knew he was working on several important cases simultaneously, I always felt like #1. I knew he meant it when he said he would take good care of me. But I had no idea just how amazing his care would be!

He explained everything to me as many times as I needed it explained and never left me in the dark or feeling uncertain. He was very clear with me about what was and was not possible.

After I explained my situation to Scott on the phone that first day he said a motion for suppression was in order. At my arraignment he asked for all the audio and visual recordings from the cop cars so we would have hard proof that A. they had no probable cause to search my car and B. I did not give consent for them to search my car.

Unfortunately, a month later when the DA finally got back to us about the evidence it was only to tell us that there was none. At this point I thought I was done for. Scott was very honest with me and told me that without that evidence going to trial would be very risky because it would make the case entirely my word against the cops, and courts have the tendency to side with cops unless they have a very compelling reason not to do so.

Scott could have stopped there, told me to take the deal I was being offered, and called it a day.

I’d paid in advance, so many lawyers would just take the money and run. Not Scott. Instead he went back over the police report again and again until he found a way to use that very police report as the evidence we needed to prove that the search and seizure were illegal. No longer would it be my word against the cops. Through his diligence and attention to detail he wrote a foolproof motion, a motion that got my case dismissed. In fact, the prosecutor read Scott’s motion and dismissed my case without a hearing. BOOM. CASE DISMISSED ON THE SPOT!

He didn’t go halfway and give up.

He didn’t come to a roadblock and let it stop him.

Scott Thomas went to all lengths necessary to get me the outcome I wanted, which was to have the case dismissed, and he did! We won!

Hopefully I will never EVER be in trouble like that again, but if I am, I know the very first person I call will be Scott Thomas. I recommend you do the same.

Case Won

I can not recommend Scott Thomas enough. Four months after my husband died a family member, who was very depressed and grieving, was in a single car accident and was arrested and charged. As we had never had any traffic violations, much less any arrests, we had no idea of how to proceed and we were overwhelmed. Scott was there for us every step of the way, his professionalism was outstanding, as was his expertise. He fought for us and got us the best possible outcome. He answered all our questions and gave us assistance when we it was needed. I would definitely work with him again, if ever needed, and strongly recommend him.

Case Won

Scott was awesome from day one. This was my first experience with having representation, and it was well worth it. He 100% has his clients best interest in mind. It didn’t matter how long it took or whatever obstacles came alone, he made sure to do whatever was best for me happen. Even after everything is done and over with, he is willing to be there and help with anything else is needed. With whatever you need I would strongly recommend him.

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